Smart Features for every health care practice

Outsmart’s unique features and tools are designed to help your practice become more efficient and connected to your patients.

Introducing OutSmart Workflows

See why practitioners around the world prefer OutSmart EMR to any other practice management system.

Patient Intake Workflow

The moment your patients book an appointment via our intuitive online booking system, they are guided through an Intake Workflow which you con configure. Online intake forms can be automatically sent to them. Attachments can be included in their confirmation e-mails. Reminders can be scheduled.

Rapid Charting Workflow

A completely unique approach to medical charting.

Complete patient medical charting in minutes with Rapid Charting, SmartLists, Protocols, and Smart Templates. OutSmart EMR will intelligently auto-populate your past patient notes into your next visit, making follow-up appointments a breeze.

This workflow is completely unique to OutSmart EMR and is one of the main reasons practitioners are switching to OutSmart from other EMRs.

Express Checkout Workflow

Strengthen administrative processes and improve patient experience.

OutSmart’s Express Checkout Workflow makes the checkout process simple.

Intelligently transfer critical information like product recommendations, discounts, prescriptions and follow-up requirements from practitioner to admin staff – all before
the patient can make it to the front desk.

Express Checkout does this by transferring critical information into a simple set of tasks itemized on the dashboard, in real time.

OutSmart EMR can also quickly whip up invoices and custom prescription labels in a few easy clicks, saving you time and effort. What more could you ask for?