The Smartest EMR there ever was.

A Flexible Professional EMR adaptable to all clinic types.

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Can your EMR do this?

A few things we do better than anyone else:

Advanced Online Booking

Intelligent Online Booking with a unique Magnetic Booking system to cluster appointments by practitioner, and by room.


Invoices and Superbills automatically created from your medical charts, including ICD-10 diagnoses, clinic services, and recommended products.

Sophisticated Templates

Full featured sophisticated templates for IV, Injections, Acupuncture, Tinctures, Prescriptions, Blending, Drawing and annotation, Chiropractic exams, Midwifery records, and more!

Rapid Charting

Powerful and smart template builder for our unique Rapid Charting system featuring shareable SmartLists and Protocols.
... and it doesn't end there.

The OutSmart difference

OutSmart EMR molds itself to your profession and your preferences, offering limitless flexibility.  Want an extremely simple charting experience?  We’ve got that.  Want to be able to meticulously chart IV’s, or create comprehensive product schedules, or graph lab results over time?  We’ve got that too, and features you'll find you can't live without.

From the sole practitioner to the multi-disciplinary clinic, we've got you covered.

Superior Charting

We have features you've never seen before, to make your charting fast and effortless.

Advanced Clinic Management

Our unique Admin Dashboard  makes clinic management easy

Sophisticated Data Analytics

Make your data work for you. Our data analytics can show you which treatments are working, and why.

Practitioners can't get enough!

5000+ practitioners and growing

OutSmart is growing fast!

Medical charting built from the ground up to be modular, flexible, and customizable.

Think Lego, but more medical.
OutSmart EMR fearures a powerful one-of-a-kind template builder with advanced charting blocks for IV Therapy, Injections, Botanical Medicine, Supplements & Prescriptions, Chiropractic Exams, Measurement Graphing, and much more! No other EMR is built like ours.
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Finish Charting In Minutes, Not Hours!

Leave your charts at work, where they belong.
Our specialized SOAP sections make charting simple and efficient, saving you time and improving interactions with your patient. Save complex protocols for future use, and finish your EMR charting in minutes, not hours.  Then go home and enjoy a stress-free evening!

It’s like Mission Control for your staff…

Houston, problem solved.
The admin control center gives your staff easy access to all the days activities. They can check-in patients as they arrive, prepare invoices and view overdue accounts, print daily schedules, prescriptions, and product labels, check out a patient quickly and easily, and view scheduling trends.
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Automated Questionnaires and Consent Forms

Before, during, or after their visit.
OutSmart EMR’s automated forms reduce your administrative work while upgrading your diagnostic toolbox. Set up each of your appointment types with customized confirmation messages, questionnaires, document attachments, and patient reminders. Any patient booking with you will now get all this information immediately upon booking.
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It doesn't end there...

Here are some other features you'll soon find you can't live without
SmartLists, Protocols, and Templates
Inline Chart Histories
Advanced Document Management
Sophisticated Financial Reporting
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Professional features including advanced medical charting, billing, inventory management, and our unique Rapid Charting process.


Adds a suite of features like basic charting, Smart Canvas drawing tools, and treatment plans.


Free to use with basic features including simple scheduling, online booking, and e-mail reminders.

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